Car Maintenance

These days, car manufacturers have to go to great lengths to develop modern engines that are reliable and meet tough environmental regulations, all the while offering more power and lower emissions. Because of this its essential that a regular maintenance routine is followed.

If you have been following the service schedule as specified by the manufacturer, then you'll already be in a good position. During these services you car's oil and other lubricants will be replaced, allowing the engine to run efficiently. However, as the gaps between services are growing increasingly longer, there are some steps you can take in the mean time to try and improve fuel economy. There are countless other points to consider when servicing your car - if in doubt take your car to a reputable garage for it to be given a check up. Remember that it is older cars that maybe haven't been to a main dealer for servicing for sometime that are most likely to benefit. You can save money by going to a specialist or independent garage instead of a main dealer to service your car, or you can do some simple work like checking the tyre pressures or changing the air filter yourself - check your car's service manual for details.

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